iMotion Launches MC432 Android Mobile Computer to Help Enhance Enterprise Mobile Workers’ Efficiency

Taipei, July 20, 2021 —While the trend of mobility has reached its peak in the consumer electronics market, it is gaining momentum in the industrial computing market. iWaylink Inc., a subsidiary of iMotion Group, which is committed to creating mobile industrial computers with high-end performance and robust quality, today launches MC432 Android mobile computer, featuring a 23-key physical keypad, an industry leading CPU and the latest Android operating system to accelerate enterprise mobile workers’ efficiency.

Not only equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and the latest Android 10 operating system, the MC432 mobile computer is also drop-proof up to 1.6 meters and IP65 rated for water and dust resistance. In addition, it comes with three types of barcode scanners for customers to choose from. The changeable scan engine is designed to meet the needs of different industries, providing customers with the advantages of high-speed computing, robust durability and flexible deployment for mobile work, particularly suitable for logistics drivers, warehouse staff, retail associates and manufacturing workers.

With the transformation of the industrial computer, it is necessary to introduce product features that are in line with the demands of “mobility”, such as a slim and portable design, ergonomic usage patterns, a sophisticated scanning engine with high resolution, a wide range of Android user interface integration, and high computing performance comparable to smartphones. The MC432 is built on these foundations. With solid technology and “customer-focused” design, it is the perfect tool for mobile workers in every field.

The latest Android 10 and GMS mobile management system: The MC432 comes with the latest Android 10 system and pre-installed GMS mobile services, allowing users to take advantage of all the convenient communication, mapping, calendar, mail and cloud services available in GMS. iWaylink has also developed various system support services such as FOTA (Firmware Update), MDM (Mobile Device Management), EMM (Enterprise Mobile Device Management), RDM (Remote Device Monitoring), AE (Android Enterprise) Management, etc. to extend the smartphone experience seamlessly to the working environment of various industries, creating the most efficient and accurate mobile work tool for all frontline workers.

Replaceable batteries and hot-swappable battery design: The need for continuous power supply in industrial applications is even greater than that among the average consumes. The MC432 features a replaceable battery design, and the battery latch on the back cover allows users to open the battery cover with just one hand. Furthermore, the battery also supports Hot Swap mode, allowing users to easily replace the battery to extend the battery life safely and securely.

30-degree scanning angle and built-in hand strap: Conventional industrial mobile computers are usually equipped with scanners that are designed with a 180-degree parallel angle. However, the MC432 is designed with a 30-degree tilted angle, which is more ergonomic and allows users to hold the scanner for a long time without any effort. The hand strap on the back side also provides a snug grip when scanning and allows users to work with peace of mind when walking and moving.

Supporting operation in rainy, oily environments and gloved touch mode: With the special touch screen processing technology, the MC432 can be touched and operated normally in manufacturing or outdoor environments (when exposed to raindrops or oil). The MC432’s touch performance has also been designed to take into account the need of users to wear dust-free clothing or gloves when working.

Optimized design in keyboard button curvature: The MC432’s physical keys have been tested by the research and development team and designed to have the best possible key curvature, which allows users to press for long periods of time without discomfort. Even if the user is wearing gloves, the feedback can be felt, and the user can press the keys blindly and quickly with precision.

Drop-, water- and dust-resistant mechanical engineering: The MC432 has been designed, developed and manufactured to enhance the structural protection of the product. The MC432 can survive drops of up to 1.6 meters, and has been tested to be waterproof and dustproof up to IP65 rated through enhanced sealing technology.

Multiple scanner options: The MC432 is equipped with a Honeywell N3601 scan engine and able to be customized with a Honeywell N6703 or Datalogic H2 one for optimum business productivity in different industries.


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