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Facilitate the creation of a new AIPC era

iMotion Group was established in 2019 with the vision to foster smart innovation and data integration to become an all-around leading enterprise in the IPC industry. One of our subsidiaries, iWaylink Inc., is dedicated to developing Android Mobile IPC devices and targets several main sectors of the B2B markets including retail, logistics, warehouse, manufacturing etc. iWaylink is expanding its global reach under the brand name “iMotion.”
iMotion Group is ambitious about the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cloud computing to be utilized in the new AIoT business opportunities. With the mission of smart link to Android innovation for customers’ happiness, iMotion aspires to enable customers with innovative and agile AIPC (AI + IPC) solutions for an intelligent work experience and highest efficiency.


Smart Innovation ‧ Data integration ‧ iMotion

Foster smart innovation and data integration to become an all-around leading enterprise in the IPC industry


Smart link to Android innovation for customers' happiness

Business Value




Business Philosophy



Take positive initiative with integrity and commitment


Foster team wisdom and grow together


Be dedicated to innovation and idea meritocracy


Agile learning, sharing and listening


Know user’s needs, touch user’s heart

iMotion's Song

At the same time when the company was established in 2019, Chairman Jerry Shen wrote a song that encapsulates the company’s expectations and had help from the talented musical professional David Teng (iMotion’s Chief Arts Officer). The purpose of the song was to create a harmonious song that flows right off the tongue and allow every colleague to better understand the company’s vision and mission.


Lyrics: Jerry Shen.Music: David Teng

Innovation with agility, iMotion
customers can have smart life with happiness,
That’s iMotion’s
aspiration through A B C *
Thru accountability, integrity, and commitment,
We enjoy growing with our customers
iMotion, idea meritocracy,
iMotion, knowing user’s needs,
touching user’s heart
iMotion, knowing user’s needs,
touching user’s heart
Innovation iMotion


*A: AI, B: Big Data, C: Cloud Computing

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